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At ALIENHEAD PRODUCTION, we make short films, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, and training films. We are a full-service production facility ready to bring your visions to the screen, whether big or small. 


Whether you need ghostwriting (full or partial), a developmental editor, or an editor for your manuscript, we've got you covered. With 25+ years of writing/editing experience, let us take your story to the professional level it needs for submission to traditional and indie markets.


ANIMILL, a division of AHE, is where your visions come to life through visual effects, 3D animation, or 2D motion graphics design. See samples of our award-winning work at


At ALIENHEAD PRESS, we believe that story rules the galaxy. Whether it's young adult, women's fiction, horror, paranormal, romance, or space operas, it all begins with a great tale. Browse our books, submit to our anthologies, or ask about our book formatting services for indie authors and presses. 


about us

Film Division:

ALIENHEAD ENTERTAINMENT's film division is committed to producing visually stunning, thought-provoking cinematic experiences. Collaborating with visionary directors, writers, and artists, AHE creates a diverse range of films that push the boundaries of storytelling. Whether it's thought-provoking dramas, mind-bending science fiction, or visually mesmerizing fantasies, AHE is known for its ability to transport audiences into extraordinary worlds that challenge perceptions and ignite the imagination.


Our company invests in cutting-edge technology, employing a team of talented pros who excel in cinematography, visual effects, sound design, scriptwriting, and production. AHE believes in the power of collaboration and seeks out partnerships with emerging talents and established industry veterans to create a layered tapestry of filmmaking that resonates on a profound level with viewers.


Publishing Division:

Alienhead Press, our publishing division, is dedicated to nurturing literary talent and producing high-quality books across various genres. From compelling novels to captivating anthologies, Alienhead Press invokes the human experience in all its storytelling.


With a keen eye for exceptional writing, AHE seeks out both established authors and emerging voices, providing them with the platform and support they need to bring their stories to a global audience. Our commitment to artistic excellence sets us apart in the industry, making AHE a sought-after partner for aspiring authors and industry veterans alike.

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11052 SW 128TH PL
MIAMI, FL 33186

Connect with Your Audience Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling

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Welcome to ALIENHEAD ENTERTAINMENT, a premium creative film and publishing studio at the forefront of innovative storytelling and artistic expression. Alienhead Entertainment (AHE) is renowned for its exceptional quality and boundary-pushing content that captivates audiences and readers worldwide. With a deep passion for storytelling, AHE is dedicated to bringing imaginative narratives to life through the combined mediums of film and publishing.

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