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You've reached the book side of the moon. ALIENHEAD PRESS believes that story rules the galaxy. Whether it's young adult, women's fiction, hor​ror, paranormal gothic, romance, or space operas, story is the star. Browse our books, ask about our upcoming anthologies, or if you're a writer of short stories, submit to our open calls.


it's not scary to have your book written

With over 25 years' experience, bestselling author, editor, and ghostwriter Gaby Triana can bring your project to fruition. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, memoir, field leadership, or self-help, Gaby has written 50+ manuscripts for over 30 clients, many of them hitting NYT and Amazon bestsellers' lists.

All projects are NDA (non-disclosure agreement, which means nobody will ever know you used a ghostwriter, unless you tell them). This is the nature of ghostwriting, hence why we do not give out author names nor titles of projects. But we can give you an idea of what Gaby has worked on below:

  • multiple bestselling spicy romance series

  • bestselling financial success book

  • bestselling memoir for Hollywood actress

  • bestselling science-fiction series

  • bestselling ghost fiction series

  • bestselling paranormal witchy series

  • bestselling middle grade ghost series for kids

  • fictional creature thriller series

  • gay romance mystery thriller

  • fictional horror series

  • memoir about surviving cancer

  • memoir about immigrating to the United States

  • self-help book about disordered eating

  • motivational book about body image

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